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Bali Belly


bali belly cure

1. Bali Belly 2M

a. 1000 ml of electrolite IV solution

b. Stomach protector I. V

c. Antinausea I. V

d. Anti Cramping I. V

e. Vitamin B-complex. (B1-B12)

f. Symptomatic Tablet. Take home

  1. stomach protector
  2. antinausea
  3. anticramping
  4. antidiarrhea

g.Medical report

2. Food poisoning hydration package 1,2 M

a. 1000 ml  of electrolite  IV solution Natrium chloride

b. Stomach protector and anti Heartburn IV

c. Anti  nausea or anti cramping IV (Depend on the condition)

d. Vitamin B complex IM/IV

3. Oral Package 400K

(for needle phobia, no worries we offering best solution )

a. Stomach protector Tablet (10)

b. Antinausea tablet  (10)

c. Anticramping tablet (10)

d. Antidiarhoea tablet (as needed)

e. Oral hydration

f. Medical report