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Bali is a tropical area so that every tourist is susceptible to dehydration either because of sun exposure or because of diarrhea (bali belly).

As for the benefits of iv hydration are, fast delivery,100% absorption, help prevent illness, restore vitamin levels, complete rehydration, restore energy

Any of these treatments you can come to our clinic or home appointment


Staff  qualification


  1. Bachelor of nursing S1 keperawatan in Indonesia
  2. Legal License (STR and PPNI)
  3. Have BTCLS ( basic trauma cardiac life support) certificate
  4. Have experience work 9 years at Internasional Hospital in indonesia  and board (autralia)
  5. Fluence speak English
  6. Infection Control experience



  1. General Practicioner
  2. Legal License
  3. Have BTCLS (Basic trauma cardio life support) and ATCLS ( advance Trauma cardio life Support)
  4. Have experience work at internasional hospital for 4 years
  5. Fluence active and passive English



  1. Infection Control

Our Place inspected and controlled  by Dinas Kesehatan Bali . and have qualified Infection control  that control our product and procedure


  1. A note of Legality

This idea of this concept of this medical  innovate  by  qualified A Nurse and A doctor who have been worked for 9 years at tourism hospital, based on their research that they did, they found mostly the case of the diagnose for tourism society is “dehydration”, that why the make that hydration package.


  1. A note of safety

Every equipment that we use  is single use, our product and procedure under controlled by (Health  Government) Dinas Kesehatan


  1. Note of Environment

Our medical waste contolled by (Health government) Dinas kesehatan. our medical rubbish Collected by PT TIRTA MULIA INDONESIA (environment and waste management service).

Because we love bali, and we will safe bali environment.