Hydration is the key!


IV hydration can help prevent dangerous problems associated with heat stroke and other health-related issues...

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Your body depends on water to survive every cell, tissue, and organ in your body need water to work properly...

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The concept of using IVs to get people vital fluids isn’t new. People have been using IVs to help fight dehydration...

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Favorite packages

top myers

Top Myers

  • 500 ml nacl

  • 500 RL

  • vit C  collagen

  • vitamin A,E,D3

  • B komplexvit (B1,B6,B12,)

  • glutation

  • oxygen theraphy 30 minutes.


IDR 1.500.000

hangover cure bali

Severe Hangover

  • 1000ML HYDRATION (rl)

  • stomach protector i.V medicaton

  • Anti inflamatory painkiller

  • anti nausea I.v

  • vitamin C


  • potasium

  • calcium

  • Glutatione

  • oksigen theraphy


IDR 1.500.000

hangover cure bali


"Very clean environment and shanti made me feel very safe and welcome. So much better coming to the clinic instead of waiting in a hospital. I was rehydrated and ready to continue my holiday within 40 mins"

Megan Palmer

"Brilliant service very professional and help me recovery from Bali belly!! Highly recommend"

Karyn McCloy

"I used the Shanti team for the hangover package and they were fantastic! Very professional and great service, with the most affordable prices in Bali! The treatment made me feel amazing. Also, as they are professional doctors, they were able to treat a wound of mine, completely free of charge! They offer a range of services and I highly recommend them. The best in Bali!!!!!"

Trent Dunlop